About Jerry Kramer

Premier Regenerative is happy to introduce Jerry Kramer to our Advisory Board.

Kramer is a legend in the land of the Green Bay and the infamous 1960’s packers. As you may or may not know, Green Bay takes their football seriously. To be recognized as an iconic figure in Green Bay’s football community is an honor. In his 11-year NFL career he acquired the All-Pro five times and being a key player of the five NFL titles and the first two Super Bowls.

Like many NFL players new and old, injuries were redundant in his career. In all, Kramer played in 129 regular season games; he also had 22 surgeries in 11 seasons, including a colostomy, which he described as “a horror movie that hasn’t been made yet.” [1]

Kramer is not solely active in the football community, but the regenerative therapy community as well. How? His curiosity and urge for knowledge of stem cell therapy has driven him to be a advocate of the newly established procedure. He’s a believer and therefore an outspoken patient of these treatments. There may not be a person in the non-medical world who knows more about the study of stem cell research than Kramer. [2] He has visited numerous stem cell research facilities including Harvard and MIT Stanford and Cal.

Why would someone that is not in the medical community do so much self-education? Well, simply put by Kramer himself, “Basically, I got myself comfortable regarding stem cell research. That it wasn’t BS or snake oil stuff.” [3] Kramer’s consistent research and discussion to past teammates has allowed many to consider stem cell therapy and look into the facts for themselves. Don Horn, Premier Regenerative’s head of the advisory board, first heard about Stem Cell therapy from Kramer. After receiving treatment from Premier over 3 years ago, Horn, Kramer and countless others are firm advocates on the treatment and have embraced being a voice for current and former NFL players as well as the general community.

Just like the rest of board, Kramer has joined us exclusively because of our extensive experience and research. We are so very honored to have not only a legend, but an extremely well educated advocate of our treatments. To learn more about Jerry Kramer, you can visit his website at jerrykramer.com.


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